Archive for December, 2016

Photo of the Day: Three Amigos and Rodeo Beach Sunset

Three Amigos at Rodeo Beach by Jennifer Rondinelli Reilly

This colorful sunset at Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands provided a great opportunity to photograph the popular Three Amigos rock formation using a long exposure with a Lee Little Stopper ND filter.Continue reading «Photo of the Day: Three Amigos and Rodeo Beach Sunset»

Photo Set: Pope Farm Conservancy

Sunflower field at Pope farm in Wisconsin by Jennifer Rondinelli Reilly

I hate winter! ¬†Wishing for warmer days! This set was taken over the summer at Pope Farm Conservancy¬†during the peak of sunflower season. Shooting at high noon isn’t always ideal, but it was a gorgeous day that had perfect clouds. I look forward to going back next summer and capturing a sunset over this field. […]Continue reading «Photo Set: Pope Farm Conservancy»

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